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Unique Beauties....

"Ice Leopards" are a nickname we are giving our line of silver spotted Savannahs that have blue or odd eyes. The female above is ther mother of these babies. She has a unqiue dominant gene that gives 50% of her babies blue or odd eyes. This gene can also cause them to have some white on the face, toe tips, or tail tip. What makes this gene realyl cool is it doesn't dilute the coat color like the point gene (which softens the colors greatly). So a Brown spotted Savannah with this gene, will have the same dark golden brown color, just with the added beauty of gold or blue eyes. And a silver spotted will still have that stunning contrast of dark black against the beautiful light silver background. We are not make a new "breed". This is simply a fun nickname for this unique kittens :). I will be adding photos to his page as the kittens grow!

One of our blue eyed babies in his new home!