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Picking Your Baby

The most wonderful step of all! When babies are born we send out photos to the waiting families. Once you have decided upon a baby, a deposit is required to hold him/her. We cannot hold kittens without a deposit. The deposits are non-refundable.  



F1 Savannah- $10,000-15,000

10% down as a first deposit.

At 5 weeks a payment of 20% is required.

At 8 weeks a 20% payment is required.

When the kitten can go home the final payment of 50% is due.

For maximum bonding with their new families we really recommend F1s go home at 10 weeks.

How Adoptions Work

Are You Ready For An Adventure?

Contact Us!

Once you have done your research to be sure this is the breed for you, and that your desired kitten is legal in your home state/city... send us an email and tell us a little about yourselves. We can then go over our contract and more details about adopting!


Available Babies/Wait List

If no babies are shown as available on our website, send us a message and we can let you know when we next expect kittens. We can also add you to our waitlist. When babies are born we will send out a birth annoucement to the families on the waitlist as we place them on our website and facebook. There is no charge to be on our waitlist.


There is nothing quite like the long legs, beautiful coat, and large ears of these beautiful cats! I have owned, showed, and loved cats for as long as I can remember. But sharing my home with these spotted beauties has been quite an adventure! Watching them swagger around my living room with a laid back confidence is such an incredible thing to watch. Even their movements are different than the smaller cats that share my home and heart. Please don't get the impression that these are elegant statues of beauty that I can match to my decor......these guys are full of mischief! I thought my three kids made messes, but boy, oh boy! These troublemakers keep me on my toes and picking up after them hours each day. If you want to own a high percentage F1, you better be prepared to give 100%...because that is the motto these guys live by! They put their "all" into whatever they are doing at that moment. When they want to show affection, they are all in with head butts, licks, purrs and cuddles. When they want to play, they transform into speed demons as they whirlwind from one room to another with whatever toy has them intrigued (mine are obsessed with socks....). When they want to play in the water, they don't just dip a paw, they fling themselves in the bathtub, and then when they want out...well they don't wait for a towel (just use the towel to dry your hallways from the puddles they have left). When they eat, they do it with gusto, when they jump, they do it from my second story loft. Have I made my point? Let me you remember the over used term "YOLO" (you only live once)? That is what these cats live by.  They are not for everyone, but for those that want a once in a lifetime crazy "grab-life-by-the-horns" companion...well congratulations you just hit the jackpot! 









We have several options to get your new little one to you! Shipping through Delta, as well as possibly meeting partway or hand delivering (we prefer not to ship if other arrangements can be made). Or the owner is welcome to pick up from us here in Tennessee (most prefer to fly into our airport which is TYS Knoxville TN). Contact us to go over fees and options!

Why the difference in price?

How Big Do They Get?