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This map is meant as a simple quick reference for which states allow F1 Savannahs. Keep in mind that rules can change and while we make every effort to keep these updated, a buyer needs to do their own research. Some places may also requirwe permits. In many cases this is as simple as paying a small fee and filling out a piece of paper. But in some states they require inspections, or will only allow permits for certain individuals or organizations.


We will not place in a state that does not allow these cats to be owned. Please remember to confirm with your state, county, and city to make sure that you are allowed to own one of these "big kitties".  I would hang on to the copies of those permissions as well, just in case an question popped up in the future.  Also keep in mind some landlords or insurance policies have restrictions on the allowed type of pets. While some of the states show Servals being allowed, several still have permitting/licensing requirements.That is the buyer's responsibilty to obtain.


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